Thursday, October 4, 2012

United States testing wave energy projects

Wave energy is renewable energy source that is still limited to a couple of test projects worldwide, one of which started operating couple of days ago in Oregon, United States. The researchers at the Oregon University have created mobile wave energy test facility off the Oregon coast near Newport.

Large waves offer excellent energy potential
This $1.5 million project will not only be used by researchers but also by various companies in hope to develop cost-effective and highly efficient wave power technologies. It should also help researchers to gather more information about harnessing wave energy such as information about the potential and total energy output.

The main purpose of this wave power system should be to compare and measure various wave energy technologies in order to find the most adequate wave energy technologies.

Wave energy is thought to have excellent harnessing potential in many corners of the world but science still has plenty to learn about the efficiency of wave harnessing devices, their environmental impacts, etc.
The previous researches have showed different results when searching for optimal wave power technology with some devices working better in low wave settings, while others show lot better results with more powerful waves.

These devices have not yet been tested against giant waves and they need to withstand the harsh ocean environment. The coast of Oregon will be a good place for testing because of very powerful wave resources in area.

This is certainly a big step forward for wave power development in United States. This technology is still in its infancy but this testing facility is no doubt a major step forward for the future of wave energy in United States.