Sunday, March 23, 2014

New hydroelectric power plant in eastern Europe

Hydropower is one of the oldest renewable energy sources with the long history in all of Europe. The latest news about the brand new hydro project comes from Romania. The Romanian government recently approved development of a new hydro-power station on the Danube, in a joint Romanian- Bulgarian project.

This new hydropower station should be located between the cities of Nikopol and Turnu Magurele, and should also become a new terrestrial and railway connection between Romania and Bulgaria.

The need for new hydropower station is not just in reducing the amount of harmful carbon emissions but also to diversify country's energy portfolio, and to improve energy security and energy independence of these two countries.

The total capacity of this brand new hydro project is expected to be 400 MW in full load.

The government also announced that this new project will have several other benefits such as regulating the Danube flow by building dams and conducting drain works. This should result in an improved protection of the local population against floods.

Hydropower is the most important renewable energy source in Romania accounting for approximately one third of total electricity generation in the country.