Saturday, April 26, 2014

Factors that make hydropower an excellent renewable energy option

Hydropower is still the most important renewable energy source in the world. The most recent estimates say that hydropower generates approximately three quarters of total electricity from renewable energy sources.

Hydropower is the most efficient energy source in the world. Modern hydroelectric power plants are said to have efficiency of around 95%. This high level of efficiency is unmatched by any other energy source.

Hydropower is very reliable renewable energy source and can serve as an excellent backup option to other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Hydropower can not only lead to renewable electricity generation, it can have other benefits as well. These include flood and drought control, water supply for agriculture and other industries among other useful purposes.

Hydropower can deliver electricity to developing countries and thus kickstart their economies. Many developing nations in Africa and Asia have excellent hydro resources at their disposal, and going for large hydro projects would do wonders for their economies because of the domestic resources and reliable technology.

Large hydropower projects cost lot to construct but they are usually very wise long-term investment. Once built, large hydroelectric power plants are able to deliver sustainable energy and water services for multiple generations.

There are many untapped hydro resources in the world. It has been estimated that only around fifth of total world's dams actually have any hydropower associated with their reservoirs.

The volatile and rising fuel prices have no effect on hydroelectricity and its prices.

Once built, hydroelectric power plants have low running and maintenance costs, and usually operate at full load for many decades.